Welcome To Memoires Events

Welcome to Memoires Events!
Your Event Management Solutions! 

Memoires Events is an established event management company that provide event management services for your event needs. We plan and organise a wide range of events ranging from corporate events to social events. Corporate events like Company Annual Dinner, Teambuilding, Company Outing, Conference, Launching, Family Day and so on. For social events like Wedding Dinner, Private Party and etc.

>We offer our event management services from event needs analysis, event planning, event conceptualisation, and follow up until event coordination and execution on event day.

Please share with us your event needs. Our professional event consultant or event planner will be with you every step of the way, assuring that no details are overlooked. Your Satisfaction is Our Goal!

Our Vision

Who We Are

We are an established event management company that made a name for ourselves throughout 10 years. Our experience make us different from other event management companies and guarantees your satisfaction.

What We Want

We want you and your guests be 100% satisfied with your event and make it a once in a lifetime experience for you. Choose Memoires Events, choose satisfaction.

What We Can Give

We can provide an event that is extraordinary, exceptional and ultimately outstanding for you and your guests to sate your need for wowing guests.

Our Connection

Throughout 10 years we’ve gained enough experience and resources to take on any event, whether it is small or big, we can manage it to perfection.

Our Offer

We are offering 10% discount of  our services that are appointed by online. Our services not only comes at high quality , it also comes at an inexpensive price.

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Our Values