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Looking for a way to recognise your employees’ efforts? Annual Dinner is what you are looking for. Annual Dinner can even extend your gratitude to your business partners.

A successful ANNUAL DINNER comes with amazement, amusement and astonishment. We will endeavour to present you an exceptional and outstanding annual dinner by bringing in quality products within your budget. Read more

As a corporate event planner, we understand your strategic objectives and will always pay attention to every single detail to ensure the end product meets your business purposes.



We customise every Award Night to highlight the quality and excellence of your brand, nominees and winners. We pledge to design a mind-blowing and unforgettable night to celebrate business success and recognise all the notable achievements by the industry.

From Education Awards to Business Awards to Property Awards to Developer Awards, Memoires Team will always come up with a precise schedule and coordinate with every party to deliver a smooth, flawless and spectacular Award Night. Read more

We strongly believe a momentous and prestigious Award Night will always accompany with early planning, stunning stage design, nightly entertainment, wide media coverage and brand advertising. The event can also be doubled as a networking conference where attendees meet new friends, clients and business partners.

Corporate Launch Event | Product Launch Event | Opening Ceremony

Corporate Launch Event | Product Launch Event | Opening Ceremony

A launch event is an excellent way to showcase your latest product or service, build hype around it, and even acquire some sales right at the event. The goal of a launch event is to deliver a win-win for you and your attendees: Your attendees have a good time and they become the advocates for your new product.Read more

A launch event can always incorporate an entertainment element to turn it into a more distinctive event. For example, run a contest to promote your brand or product or bring in a stand-up comedian who can combine the product into his routine. Apart from entertainment element, elements like interview session for attendees, distribution of giveaways and social media engagement would be a great way to drive buzz and keep the hype going weeks after your launch event.



Conference is among the most important events that professional event managers organise. Conference may last for few days and is usually categorised into academic conference, business conference, training conference and trade conference. Sharing of new ideas, discussion of new trends and establishment of new connections are the common purposes of a conference.

Conference management may seem easy to an outsider: budgeting, conference room availability, guest accommodation, guest attendance, agenda and brochures. But it is much more than that.Read more

Conference planning involves every little detail down to making sure there are enough water glasses on each table to making sure the sound system works. For the smooth running of a conference, meticulous planning must be carried out and a back-up plan to handle emergencies is always necessary.


Team Building

No matter how big or small your company is, your business will be more productive when your team is happy. Team-building events are all about the most important asset of your business – your employees.

We are a HRDF Certified Company in Malaysia to tailor your event and develop a programme perfectly match with your budget, goals and team dynamic. Read more

We coordinate team building activities designed for maximum impact on company culture, staff relationship, employee engagement and retention, and job satisfaction.

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Since 2008, creating dream events for our clients and making our guests happy has been a real pride moment for us. We deliver every event with our love, passion and enjoyment!

We Push the Boundaries of Creativity

We believe budget should not be a barrier to creativity. Our imaginative team will work with your budget to push the boundaries of expectations to give attendees a mind-blowing experience.

We Provide Detailed Planning

It’s the little details that make a big difference between us and the rest. We will keep track of every minute thing in the process before, during and after events, aiming to improve customer experience.

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